Compare data in Javascript is always a task that involves some more concern than other languages. The reasons are wide, but generally is related to JS be weak-typed.

One of many JS weirdness

A way to avoid the problem above is use the strict equality operator that considers the type of the data you are trying to compare to assert the equality. But the problem continues if you need to do something a little bit more complex.

Comparing objects

When you are comparing objects in JavaScript, actually the interpreter is comparing the instance (the pointer, or whatever you want name it) of the object. This fact means…

It`s a common trouble in iOS development to build an application that has more-than-one-word name because the Apple OS remove blank spaces since its 11 version for longer names (more than 12 characters), as discussed here:

But with a 2 minutes Google search you`ll find some Stack Overflow answer saying that you should replace normal space with '&#x2007' in Info.plist at CFBundleDisplayName key. This situation happened with me, but when I opened the .plist file with BBEdit I saw this:

The name of my application is the value of PRODUCT_NAME variable

I am developing a white label app with some targets, that I build with different assets (and names) depending…

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