Multiple targets iOS app with space in name

It`s a common trouble in iOS development to build an application that has more-than-one-word name because the Apple OS remove blank spaces since its 11 version for longer names (more than 12 characters), as discussed here:

But with a 2 minutes Google search you`ll find some Stack Overflow answer saying that you should replace normal space with '&#x2007' in Info.plist at CFBundleDisplayName key. This situation happened with me, but when I opened the .plist file with BBEdit I saw this:

The name of my application is the value of PRODUCT_NAME variable

I am developing a white label app with some targets, that I build with different assets (and names) depending on which customer is requesting a version. So, the app's name is the value of the Target Environment Variable PRODUCT_NAME.

The Solution

At this SO answer, this guy Gilad Ronen pasted the name with the correct &#x2007 space, so you can simple copy the character, paste in your editor and replace all occurrences.

Look how the &#x2007 char takes more space than the regular one

Do this for all your app's targets and it is done!

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